Tailored King Pillowcases

Tailored King Pillowcases

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      Luxury cotton King Size Pillowcases elevate your sleep to a new level of comfort and indulgence. Coming with that extra width to help you sleep better and a decorative tailored flange to make your bed pretty.  Our King Pillowcases are made in Europe from thread counts between 280 to 600 threads in white Egyptian or long fibre cotton.  Our focus is on the quality of the cotton with our designs being simple and elegant. The fabrics premium quality ensures you'll sink into comfort every night.

      Each of our collections with King Pillowcases are predominantly white with detailing in colours inspired by the Mediterranean Islands of Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera.  Our 280 thread count sateen collection "Formentera" comes in Egyptian cotton with a double applique border of sateen in either navy, ash or honey creating a distinct statement look.  Our ladder stitch design "Saria" comes in 300 thread count Egyptian cotton percale. The elegant ladder stitch detailing gives a classic yet romantic twist to your bedroom decor.  

      Our 400 thread count long fibre combed cotton percale collection "Elba" comes with mink, almond, platinum or sky blue triple row of cording around the perimeter.  With its tailored simplicity and hotel-luxury it melds perfectly to any bedroom space be it town house, beach house or inner city apartment.

      Our top of the range 600 thread count collection "Tremiti" is an Egyptian cotton sateen coming with an elegant chain stitch detailing in stone or caramel. The exquisitely smooth sateen will make you feel as if you are in a boutique hotel the moment you slip under the covers.

      Each of these collections come in a range of products that can be mixed between the different designs.  These include flat and extra deep fitted sheetsquilt covers, various sizes of pillowcases and sheet sets from Double to Super King Size.  Each sheet set includes a fitted and flat sheet along with a standard pillowcase set of two.  Besides the fitted sheet the products include a soft coloured trim for a polished look creating a haven of tranquil luxury.

      Why chose a Cotton King Size Pillowcase?

      Beyond mere comfort, cotton offers exceptional breathability thanks to its natural properties. The fabric allows air to circulate freely, helping regulate body temperature promoting a deeper restful sleep for a rejuvenated morning.  It is also a well know fact that luxury cotton pillowcases are hypoallergenic, making an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Cotton's natural resistance to dust mites and other allergens ensures a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

      Likewise a king pillowcase has an extra 20cm of width providing ample space for your head and neck, ensuring proper alignment and reducing strain on your muscles and joints. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, a king pillow offers sufficient support to promote a more restful and comfortable sleep experience

      Our products are designed in Perth however made in Portugal ensuring the quality that European made products are famous for. Another key feature of our luxury cotton king pillowcases is their soft yet resistant material. The fabric, also weaved in Portugal, is made from strong and durable fibres.  This means our king pillowcases along with our full bed linen range maintain their softness and integrity over time despite regular use and washing.  

      Do we recommend DEIA Living King Size Pillowcases as Wedding and Housewarming Gifts?

      From the feedback we´ve received our DEIA Living luxury bed linen is a favourite choice for both wedding and housewarming gifts.  Our pillowcases, just like all our bed linen are wrapped and sent in our designer gift boxes with a welcome card and personalised hand written message on your behalf.

      As couples embark on their new journey together gifting them luxurious bedding allows them to create a fresh inviting sanctuary in their shared living space. High-quality bed linen not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their bedroom but also contribute to their overall well-being by providing a comfortable and restful sleep environment.

      "Only gift pillowcases?" you may ask....  

      Sometimes it´s hard to know what size bed the couple has so a selection of pillowcases is always a great alternative, especially when quality King Pillowcases can be very hard to find. The beauty of the DEIA Living bedding being majority white is it can be mixed and matched with all coloured quilts and bedding without any trouble.

      Furthermore, luxury king pillowcases are practical gifts that offer long-lasting value and enjoyment. Crafted from quality materials and designed in Europe our luxury pillowcases are built to withstand the test of time, providing years of comfort and satisfaction to the recipients. By gifting DEIA Living you're not only giving a beautiful addition to their home but also a gift that will be cherished and appreciated for years to come.

      Why Choose DEIA Living?

      From the very beginning DEIA Living's aim was to provide Australians with beautiful European made bed linen at attainable prices.  We were tired of paying top dollar for subpar Chinese or Indian made bedding claiming to be "the best".  As a result we´ve worked exhaustively so the end quality is not compromised.  We believe everyone is entitled to a great night’s sleep and the best bedding and pillowcases to achieve that are European made, and cotton.

      The fact our king pillowcases are sustainably made in Portugal contributes not only to an eco-consciousness yet also a smoother and softer textured fabric.  Likewise being European made means an increased durability ensuring your pillowcases will last the test of time.  

      At DEIA Living we do not believe in the one-use culture of today. Our products are made to last and add value to your linen closet.  Our designs are intentionally classic so you can mix and match collections easily if you so desire. 

      If you would like more details about our range of pillowcases please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or call us directly on 02 8091 3212.


      The short answer is YES! Cotton Bed Sheets are extremely hypoallergenic.

      Cotton is one of the most common natural fabrics for hypoallergenic sheets as it's it's soft, breathable, wicks moisture from your body. Likewise cotton has natural anti-microbial properties meaning less dust mites will stick around in your bed.

      Our number one recommendation if looking for hypoallergenic cotton bedding is avoid any cottton and synthetic blends. Stick to 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen or long fibre cotton bedding.

      The choice between a fitted or flat sheet as a bottom sheet very much depends on personal preference and practical considerations for your cotton bed linen collection.

      In our opinion a well designed Fitted sheets offer convenience and practically. Most important to ensure you´er buying a good quality fitted sheet is the elastic runs around all four sides and that it has some extra depth so it stays in place throughout the night. There's nothing worse that having the bottom sheet move and waking up sleeping directly on a synthetic mattress!!

      A fitted sheet also provides a neat and tidy appearance minimising wrinkles and bunching which is convenient.

      On the other hand using a flat sheet as a bottom sheet can be a practical solution, after all, a flat sheet has a double purpose as a bottom sheet and top sheet.

      They also allow for more customization in bed-making styles and are not just limited to one specific bed size like a fitted sheet.

      Yes you certainly can. If you would like to check the quality of our material we are more than happy to send you a pack of swatches containing the material from each of our cotton bed sheet collections. Please checkout our sample request form here.

      This is a common question and one that is very personal. Several factors influence whether a flat sheet is necessary with your quilt cover. Firstly, how much you move at night? It doesn´t matter how soft and comfortable your cotton bed sheets might be, there are some people who move a whole lot during their sleep and get wrapped in a too many layers of sheets. If this is you, and the flat sheet always ends kicked off the bottom of the bed we would suggest simply using a quilt cover.

      If however you don´t move much you can save yourself some linen loads by using a flat sheet therefore not needing to wash your quilt cover with such regularity.

      Other factors to consider are if your four legged friend sleeps on the bed with you. For hygiene reasons we would recommend a flat sheet and washing both the quilt cover and flat sheet on once to twice a week.

      Likewise, are you a hot sleeper and perspire at night? If you are then less layers are better. Not only could the extra flat sheet annoy you however it's likely both quilt cover and flat sheet would end up damp therefore having no real benefit to using both.

      Finally the aesthetic element- using both the flat sheet with a duvet cover gives a very elegant and styled look. If you're concerned about showing your Egyptian cotton bed linen in all it's glory then we recommend using both.