Luxury 280 Thread Count Double Bed Size Bedding Luxury 280 Thread Count Double Bed Size Bedding
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White percale bedding girl sleeping relax Ibiza style White percale bedding girl sleeping relax Ibiza style
DEIA Living bedrooms are influenced by the Mediterranean sun, a touch of sensuality and a pinch of salt.
Little girl wrapped in white cotton towel

From our family to yours, our luxury cotton bed and bath linen are designed in Australia yet 100% made In Europe. From the weave of the fabric to the finer embroidery we ensure your sheets will last the test of time.



DEIA Living is my go to for bedding. The quality is amazing and I love the company is owned by a local WA girl. Formentera would have to be my favourite design- we have it in 2 colours.

Fremantle, Western Australia

Highly recommend DEIA Living. The sheets have lasted two years perfectly, I've just bought another set of the same collection. 5 stars all round.

Double Bay, NSW

Was searching for a nautical looking bedding for my son without having some printed boat and anchor disaster! I came across the Formentera collection online that was exactly what I was after. The bedding washes well and doesn't need to be ironed (if I'm feeling lazy!).

Indooroopilly, QLD

Really happy with selection of king sized pillow cases which are hard to come by. The price was good and quality great. Will definitely buy again.

Cottesloe, Western Australia

I purchased from DEIA Living as had been told about them from a friend in Australia. Quality is great, only issue we had was trying to figure out the sizing but with Sofia's help once we knew what to buy we've been so happy with our bedding.

Dublin, Ireland

Sleep in Australian luxury bed linen every night with DEIA Living

Experience the unparalleled comfort of waking to the soft touch of daybreak under luxury bed linen you won't want to leave. DEIA Living´s range of cotton bedding provides the slumber you need to feel refreshed every morning. Our European manufacturers adhere to stringent quality controls, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and comfort accompany your sweet dreams.  Our bed sheets are made from luxurious white cotton weaved in Portugal then finished in one of our signature designs. The detailing found on our luxury bedding is inspired by the neutral colours found on the Islands of Majorca and Ibiza fitting perfectly into any bedroom décor be it beach house, town house or inner city apartment.  Shades of pearl grey, almond beige, bright white, sky blue, honey mustard, platinum sand, mink grey, navy blue and caramel sprinkle our designs. 

Elba - DEIA Living -





Our Australian designed luxury bed linen is meticulously crafted from the highest quality Egyptian cotton by skilled European artisans, following traditions passed down through generations. Our bed and bath linen collections are made with elegance and style in mind, reflecting our commitment to exceptional products that stand the test of time. Our luxury bed and bath linen is designed in Australia, for Australians as no one knows the needs of a population better than the population itself! We´ve found the best manufacturers in the globe to make our beautiful bed and bath linen in Portugal. The Portuguese have a long history of working with cotton, especially making the style and quality of luxury bed and bath linen that we desire and sell.


The benefits of sleeping in luxury cotton sheets is undisputed. Besides the soft and silky feel of luxury cotton bed linen, cotton also helps your skin breath throughout the night maintaining the idea body temperature. In our opinion no other material should come in contact with your body, especially not synthetic fibres and especially not while you sleep or bathe!

Our luxury bed linen collections come exclusively in 100% cotton in various thread counts from a 300 thread count Egyptian cotton percale to a luxurious 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen. Our luxury bath linen is made from spa quality Egyptian cotton terry cloth which is thick and fluffy to touch, extremely absorbent yet fast drying from day one. No silicone treatment has been done to our towels so what you feel doesn´t wash away, it´s what you get wash after wash. Our designs across both our bed and bath linen collections are intentionally simple and elegant with the focus being the quality of the cotton and craftmanship of the design.


Unlike many competitors opting for fast manufacturing we proudly collaborate with Portuguese manufacturers who have a history of producing quality textiles. Our luxury bed and bath linen is made to last. We don´t believe in the throw away culture of today so our core bed and bath linen designs are classic, ensuring timeless elegance so you can mix and match across collections and grow your bed and bath linen closet with DEIA Living products over the years. Of great importance is that we partner with suppliers that uphold exemplary work environments and prioritise sustainability therefore minimising environmental impact. We also don´t pass down extreme markups so we can give everyone the best night´s sleep at a reasonable price point.

DEIA Living is also dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. Our products, platform, and community initiatives aim to contribute to leaving the planet better than we found it. All our products are OEKO-TEX® certified, ensuring minimal environmental impact and optimal safety.


Renowned for its exceptional quality, Egyptian cotton boasts long staple fibres that set it apart. This means luxury bed linen with a soft feel, enhanced durability, no pilling and a fine texture. The breathability of our Egyptian cotton helps regulates body temperature for a comfortable sleep experience. Likewise it wicks moisture away rapidly, an important feature for towels and bath robes as well as for those who perspire when they sleep.


When it comes to luxury bed linens, we only recommend bedding made from natural fibres.  If wondering where to start looking for “the best” bedding we suggest browsing Egyptian or Supima cotton as well as French linen.

It should come as no surprise our number one choice is cotton!  Specifically Egyptian and Supima cotton.  These materials are one of the most popular and luxurious for bedding due to their long-staple fibres which make exceptionally breathable, soft and durable fabrics that are silky-smooth against the skin. Their superior quality and craftsmanship make a popular choice among those seeking the ultimate in bedding indulgence.

French linen bedding is also an extremely popular and sustainable choice exuding a timeless elegance and rustic sophistication. Very different from the immediate softness of cotton, French linen is made from the flax plant which produces a more textured fabric that softens with age.  The main benefits of French linen is it´s highly breathable and absorbent making it ideal for year round use.  Another selling point is French linen bedding doesn´t require ironing which for many is a major advantage!!

All the luxury bed and bath linen we sell on our website is designed by us in Australia and made by us in Portugal. We don't sell any third party brands as we 100% trust in our own products, their quality and customer satisfaction.

One of the downsides of purchasing luxury bed and bath linen online is it´s a tactile product which is hard to qualify only via photos. Despite our best attempts at displaying our products with the highest resolution possible we appreciate for some it's not enough.

To put your mind at ease we have an extremely generous and easy return policy in the rare instance you might not be happy with your purchase. Likewise we´re more than happy to post a swatch of our materials so you can physically feel the quality yourself prior to purchasing. Another factor which customers find helpful are customer reviews where you can see comments from real customers about their experience with us.

We can confidently say you'll be very happy with your purchase at DEIA Living and will return to us time and time again over the months and years to come.

Egyptian cotton bed linen is a real plus when you buy "true" Egyptian cotton as it has superior softness due to its long staple fibres. It feels incredibly smooth against the skin, has a lustrous sheen and a luxurious appearance most people desire in their bedroom. Likewise these long fibres help your skin breath at night keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Due to this longer more durable fibre your bed linen will remain looking new and fresh for longer avoiding pesky pilling and discolouration. The problem arises as it's hard to distinguish real Egyptian cotton bed linen products from others which are claiming to be so however are made from an inferior quality. Most of the time one doesn´t realise until you´ve got them home and onto your bed. In some instances it takes just 2 to 3 washes for the pilling to become apparent and for these nasty sheets to start deteriorating.

Common sense generally comes into play here, so if the price tag sounds too good to be true then it probably isn´t the real deal! Sometimes paying a little more now saves you a lot in the long run. 

If you would like to feel our cotton bed linen fabric before you buy please click here to request a pack of swatches of each of our collections material.

Our objective is quality bedding which will last years to come- we do not believe in the “buy and throw away” culture that´s become a standard in todays society where quality and longevity doesn´t hold the same importance it did years ago. Many bed linen companies look for "quick” manufacturing options with questionable ethical and environmental practices to suit todays standards where turn over is fast and prices are low.

At DEIA Living however we pride ourselves on our Australian design team, working only in Europe with Portuguese manufacturers who have a long outstanding history of producing durable textiles. Not only do the Portuguese have the know-how and craftmanship however they specialise in exactly what we sell- elegant yet simply designed quality products that are made to last.

Of equal importance to design is the impact our business practices have on the environment and the working conditions of those making your bed sheets. For this reason we have ensured our suppliers have an exemplary work environment that we would want for our own employees. We´re in constant discussion about sustainability efforts and reducing environmental impacts from our initial design ideas to what eventually arrives at your door and on your bed.