Luxury white percale bedding with triple chord stitch detailing in sky blue

400 Thread Count Cotton

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      Experience the ultimate hotel style, sophistication and comfort with our 400 thread count percale bedding collection “Elba”.  Crafted from premium quality long fibre cotton with a triple cord detailing this range has a smooth and supple feel against the skin promising a sumptuous deep sleep all year round.

      Part of Elba´s allure is the sophisticated triple cord trim which adorns the products. This stylish embellishment brings a touch of refinement and sophistication to your bed linen elevating its aesthetic appeal and transforming your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

      The triple cord trim comes in a variety of colours inspired by the Mediterranean Balearic Islands. We have an almond beige taken from the soft colours of the earth. Platinum cream inspired by the colour of the soft sand. Sky blue inspired by the sea and the sky and finally a mink grey being taking from the rocks found in the idyllic swimming coves of Majorca. This bedding collection allows you to personalise your space and coordinate with your decor effortlessly.  

      The range includes flat and extra deep fitted sheets, quilt covers, various sizes of pillowcases and sheet sets from Double to Super King Size. Each sheet set includes a fitted and flat sheet along with a standard pillowcase set of two.  Besides the fitted sheet the products are crafted with the triple cord trim for a tailored look.

      Why Choose a 400 Thread Count Percale?

      400 thread count percale cotton is the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in bedding materials. Percale refers to a tightly woven fabric with a one-over-one-under weave pattern, resulting in a smooth and crisp texture that is both lightweight and breathable.

      The 400 thread count signifies the number of threads woven into one square cm of fabric, indicating a high density of fine threads that contribute to the fabric's durability and luxurious feel.  What sets it apart is its matte finish and cool, crisp hand-feel. Unlike sateen, which has a glossy sheen, percale cotton has a more understated elegance that appeals to those who prefer a classic and refined aesthetic.

      Likewise percale is known for its exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The tightly woven fabric allows for optimal airflow helping to regulate body temperature.  This in turn keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night as it creates a sensation of freshness against the skin, making it particularly well-suited for warmer climates or hot sleepers. 

      Furthermore the tight weave and high thread count result in a fabric that is strong and resilient, capable of withstanding regular use and laundering without sacrificing its softness or integrity. This means no more pesky pilling or shrinkage.  With proper care, your DEIA Living bed linen will maintain its luxurious look and feel for years to come.

      Why Choose our Elba Collection?

      Our Elba Collection is one of our more styled designs ready for a beach house, town house or inner city living.  The stunning triple cord stich detail along with the durable 400 thread count percale frames the bed beautifully and is particular popular with our hotel clients.

      Despite its luxurious appearance and high thread count this collection is designed for practicality and ease of care. Machine washable at 40 degrees with line drying will maintain the pristine condition ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.  All our Elba collection is made designed in Melbourne and made in Europe with the Australian lifestyle up front and centre in the process.

      Why Choose DEIA Living?

      From the very beginning DEIA Living's aim was to provide Australians with beautiful European made bed linen at attainable prices.  We were tired of paying top dollar for subpar Chinese or Indian made bedding claiming to be "the best".  As a result we´ve worked exhaustively so the end quality is not compromised.  We believe everyone is entitled to a great night’s sleep and the best bedding to achieve that is European made, and cotton.

      In this Elba collection the fact the range is sustainably made in Portugal contributes not only to an eco-consciousness yet also a smoother and softer textured fabric.  Likewise being European made means an increased durability ensuring your bedding will last the test of time.  

      At DEIA Living we do not believe in the one-use culture of today. Our products are made to last and add value to your linen closet.  Our designs are intentionally classic so you can mix and match collections easily if you so desire. 

      If you would like more details about our 400 thread count Elba collection please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or call us directly on 02 8091 3212.


      The short answer is YES! Cotton Bed Sheets are extremely hypoallergenic.

      Cotton is one of the most common natural fibres for hypoallergenic sheets as it's it's soft, breathable and wicks moisture from your body. Cotton has natural anti-microbial properties meaning dust mites won´t stick around in your bed.

      Our number one recommendation if looking for hypoallergenic cotton bedding is avoid any cottton and synthetic blends. Stick to 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen or long fibre cotton bedding.

      The choice between a fitted or flat sheet as a bottom sheet very much depends on personal preference and the practical considerations for your cotton bed sheet closet.

      In our opinion a well designed fitted sheet offers convenience and practically. It´s imperative the fitted sheet has elastic that runs around the whole perimeter of the sheet and has a little extra depth so it sits snug on the mattress without any movement during the night. There's nothing worse than being woken mid sleep directly on a synthetic mattress all because your bottom sheet shifted! A fitted sheet also provides a neat and tidy appearance minimising wrinkles and bunching which is convenient, especially for those amongst us who aren´t big fans of ironing.

      A flat sheet as a bottom sheet on the other hand can be a practical solution as it has a double purpose as a bottom and top sheet. Likewise they allow for more customisation in bed-making styles and, in some cases can be used across several bed sizes. For example, a bigger flat sheet can be used on a smaller mattress as well as its intended sized mattress. If you know how to tightly fold your flat sheet under your mattress so it doesn´t shift then maybe your preference will be a flat sheet.

      Yes you certainly can. If you would like to check the quality of our material we are more than happy to send you a pack of swatches containing the material from each of our cotton bed sheet collections. Please complete our sample request form here.

      This is a common question and one that is very personal. Several factors influence whether a flat sheet is necessary with your quilt cover. Firstly, how much you move at night? It doesn´t matter how soft and comfortable your cotton bed sheets might be, there are some people who move a whole lot during their sleep and get wrapped up and therefore woken by too many layers of sheets. If this is you, and your flat sheet always ends kicked off the bottom of the bed we would suggest simply using a quilt cover.

      On the other hand, if you don´t move much during the night a plus of using a flat sheet is you can save yourself some linen loads as you won´t need to wash your quilt cover as regularly.

      Other factors to consider are if you're a hot sleeper and perspire at night? If so, less layers are better. Not only could the extra flat sheet annoy you however it's likely both quilt cover and flat sheet would end up damp causing extra washing on a more regular basis therefore having no real benefit to using both.

      Finally the aesthetic element! Using both a flat sheet with a quilt cover gives a very elegant and styled look. If you're concerned about showing your Egyptian cotton bed linen in all it's beauty then for you, we recommend using both!

      Egyptian cotton bed linen is a real plus when you buy "true" Egyptian cotton as it has superior softness due to its long staple fibres. Egyptian cotton bed linen feels incredibly smooth against the skin, has a lustrous sheen and a luxurious appearance most people desire in their bedroom. It helps your skin breath at night keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

      Likewise due to this longer more durable fibre your bed linen will remain looking new and fresh for longer avoiding pesky pilling and discolouration. The problem arises as it's hard to distinguish real Egyptian cotton bed linen products from others which are claiming to be so however are made from an inferior quality. Most of the time one doesn´t realise until you´ve got them home and onto your bed. In some instances it takes just 2 to 3 washes for the pilling to become apparent and for these nasty sheets to start deteriorating.

      Common sense generally comes into play here, so if the price tag sounds too good to be true then it probably isn´t the real deal! Sometimes paying a little more now saves you a lot in the long run.

      If you would like to feel our cotton bed linen fabric before you buy please click here to request a pack of swatches of each of our collections material.