DEIA Living Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer and DEIA LivingThe statistics are staggering. Currently one in eight women will be be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime with this number predicted to halve to one in four by 2030.  In 2020 our co-founder Hope Maine was diagnosed and became one of the stats, something no one ever thinks will happen to them....

So, the team at DEIA Living rallied around Hope and her young family through the ups and downs of diagnosis and treatment and landed where we are today - stronger because of it and wanting to help those going through it.

Hope can now say she "in the clear" and has dealt with the fallout of cancer.  It sounds simple however it's a much deeper, soul searching journey than the obvious hospital visits and hair loss that springs to mind when the word cancer is mentioned.

It is clear to us at DEIA Living that as a society we´re doing something very wrong for the numbers of cancer to be rising on such a steep curve.  Whether it's the food we're eating, the air we're breathing or the stress we're living something has to change.  

Currently a cure for cancer would appear a miracle however there are other resources to help those in need. Funds being channeled into research of both traditional and alternative therapies for different patient profiles along with education of our female youth. This is essential to increase early detection and minimise the physical and emotional impact on a patients future as well as reduce the impact on a patients lives while they're undergoing treatment.

The DEIA Living plan of attack is active involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness through social media and event sponsoring.

We will also be donating 50% of sales proceeds on our Formentera Ash and Elba Platinum collections.  Hopefully our little bit of input will help beat the drum and aid in Breast Cancer march for our daughters and daughters daughters and their long healthy future.