Are King Size Pillows the ones for you?

Luxury King Pillow Cases White Cotton 300 Thread Count
As decorating a bedroom has become just as important as your quality of sleep a myriad of pillow types and sizes have flooded the market.  And although many people focus on choosing the right mattress, pillow choice is arguably just as important.  DEIA Living offers pillowcases for several pillow sizes, however undeniably the size gaining most popularity in recent years is the king pillow case.  These oversized pillows not only add a touch of luxury to your bedding but also provide enhanced comfort and support. Here we'll explore the benefits of king size pillows and why they might be the key to elevating your slumber to the next level.
The king pillow is the big boy of the bed- it's the upper echelon of the luxury bedding space and despite it's name suggesting it's only from a king mattress, it can be used comfortably on various bed sizes.   A king sized pillow measures 50x90cm providing an extra 20cm width in comparison to the standard pillow we´re all accustomed to use.  This extra 20cm, combined with the right loft and the right luxury king size pillowcase give comfort and support regardless of your preferred sleeping position.
Without stating the obvious, the right pillow supports your head and neck to maintain neutral spinal alignment during sleep therefore taking pressure off of other body part. The enhanced support provided by king size pillows can contribute to a reduction in tossing and turning during the night. By maintaining proper alignment of the spine and alleviating pressure points, these pillows help create a more stable and comfortable sleep environment. This, in turn, promotes deeper and more restful sleep.   
King size pillows are versatile and accommodate various sleeping positions. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or prefer sleeping on your stomach, the ample size allows you to adjust the pillow to find the perfect position. They can also be used as a "shorter" full body pillow for those who like to have a pillow horizontally next to them.  This adaptability ensures a customised sleep experience tailored to your individual preferences.  
The cons of a king size pillow are few however they do exist.  Unlike their standard sized sister, the king size pillow has a higher price point however if you want a royal and luxurious sleeping experience, a king size pillow is worth the extra cost. It fits nicely on queen, king and super king sized mattress and provides a lot of value for its above average price. Another factor to keep in mind is for couples who share a double sized bed - this size pillow is probably not for you.  And finally, where we come in - finding a quality king sized pillow case made from beautifully weaved cotton can be hard- or at least was hard until you found us! 
At DEIA Living we specialise in Luxury King Pillowcases as we want everyone to have the best nights sleep possible.  From the feedback we've received our luxury king pillowcases have helped many of our customers achieve the deep REM they've been searching for.  Another factor to our design is they´re slightly oversized to ensure your pillow doesn't slip out of its case mid slumber as it's not fitting correctly.  We've fixed this issue with our generous pillow sizes however it should be noted you will still need the king size pillowcase- trying to squeeze a king pillow into a standard pillowcase simply won't work! 
Apart from their functional benefits, king size pillows serve as excellent decorative elements for your bedding ensemble. Their larger size allows for a variety of creative arrangements, whether placed against the headboard for a classic look or propped up against European Tailored Pillowcases for added texture and style. This versatility in styling makes them a popular choice for those who appreciate a well-coordinated and visually appealing bed setup.
So we invite you to browse our Luxury king size pillowcases to get your slumber on track to deep REM sleep! 

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