Responsible and Ethical Business

Women Walking in Cotton Field Luxury Bed Linen

It is of the utmost importance at DEIA Living that we abide by responsible and ethical business practices.  This is a major part of our business model in an industry where environmental and social impact can be high and products are systematically misrepresented and sold as a quality they are not.

European Suppliers For Environmental & Sustainable Processes

The first factor we deem important is that all our manufacturers are European, specifically Portuguese and are certified with the OEKO-TEX 100®  standard. Portugal has a long history of bed linen manufacturing and is a reference for superior standards worldwide.

The OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees a high level of ethical standards not only in terms of eco-footprint and production processes, but also of the safety expected in bed linen production.  Any products awarded the OEKO-TEX® certification have been rigorously tested against harmful substances and must avoid hazardous materials during their production. 

Likewise for the safety of employees, noise and fine dust pollution must be limited and environmental contaminants are not allowed to be used.  Also essential is the need for resource and energy savings in all production processes.  Of extreme importance to us is that our consumers have confidence DEIA Living works with businesses that prioritise ethical and responsible practices contributing to a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain.

Recycled Packaging helping the Planet

Our designer gift boxes and paper packaging are also a component which are made from recycled craft paper. By utilising recycled materials we contribute to conserving forests, reducing energy consumption and waste production and lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new packaging.  Furthermore our gift boxes are designed with the intention they will have a second life once your order has been received and opened.  

Ethical Labelling of Our Luxury Products for Consumer Confidence

A troubling practice in the textile industry is the misleading labelling of bed linen products as Egyptian or long fibre cotton when they fail to meet the required standards.  This unethical practice undermines consumer trust however is difficult to combat as can be hard to qualify “poor quality” versus falsely claimed Egyptian cotton products.

To assure our clients we are what we say we are we´ve chosen manufacturers of trust and reputation. On our behalf our suppliers verify the supply chain of the cotton and through vigorous testing we ensure the products stand up to the quality Egyptian and long fibre cotton must have. Establishing this transparent and traceable supply chains allows for the verification of the authenticity and quality of the cotton used in your bed linen products.

Furthermore, as seen by our blog and product information we educate our clients about the characteristics of Egyptian cotton.  This includes highlighting its superior quality, softness, and durability compared to other types of cotton. Providing information about the differences between Egyptian cotton and other varieties helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions and recognize the value of authentic Egyptian cotton products.

Support Women in Business and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Lastly, but far from least, being a company founded and led by females we understand the importance of fair work opportunities for females and the importance of supporting causes that impact women’s health and well-being.  We´ve personally experienced the challenges and uncertainties that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Our decision to support the fight against breast cancer stems from our belief in the power of education, early detection, and awareness to improve outcomes for those facing diagnosis.  We know firsthand the importance of ongoing support for cancer patients and survivors.  By partnering with organizations dedicated to breast cancer research, education, and support services we aim to contribute to raising breast cancer awareness.  Every woman should be empowered to take charge of their own health.