The Benefits of Cotton Bedding

When you've had a good night's sleep, everything seems so much easier and you're able to accomplish the things that matter most to you. A good night’s sleep is the key to a great morning so it's critical to make your bed as comfortable and inviting as possible to avoid sleepless nights tossing and turning.

Cotton bedding has a variety of health and environmental benefits. It is generally affordable, long-lasting and comfy! Here are 11 reasons to choose cotton bedding.

1. It’s breathable
During sleep, cotton keeps you cool by absorbing your body heat and keeping you comfortable and dry. You've undoubtedly experienced the sensation of waking up hot and sticky during the summer months if you've ever slept in bedding made from man-made materials.

2. Great for sensitive skin
You'll never get a good night's sleep if your skin is irritated. If you have sensitive skin, cotton sheets are perfect because of their hypoallergenic qualities. Say goodbye to any irritation or itching, and welcome improved sleep quality.

3. Stay comfortable all year round
Cotton bedding is often chosen because it can keep you cool in the summer and warm throughout the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat.

4. Luxurious and flexible
Interior Designer Gary says the simple style of cotton bedding means it can be dressed up or down and has a wealth of design opportunities and bedding styles to play around with. Cotton bedding is so flexible, it looks great in both modern apartments and traditional stately homes.

5. It’s soft and comfortable.
It's critical to be comfortable when you sleep. You've worked hard all day, and it's only natural that you want to unwind in bed. Cotton fabric is unquestionably one of the comfiest bedding materials available. If you're searching for the most exquisite cotton bedding, consider looking into cotton sateen bed coverings.
Sateen is a kind of weave construction that has a silky smooth feel. They feel like heaven on your skin - pure luxury!

6. It’s durable 
Fabric expert Peter says cotton is the most widely used textile in the world. This is due to its gentle, pleasant feel and long-lasting nature. Cotton bed linens may cost slightly more than polycotton bed sheets, but we can assure you that if you take care of them, they will look after you and endure for a long time.

7. It’s hypoallergenic
If you have allergies pay attention! Cotton should be your first choice when it comes to bedding. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. It helps to reduce congestion, sneezing, and itching while you sleep. It can improve the quality of your slumber by reducing congestion, sneezing, and itching.

8. It’s natural 
Cotton is a natural fibre obtained from a plant, unlike the many man-made fibres widely used in bedding. Eco Expert Jayesh says cotton textiles are 100% recyclable and are biodegraded faster than non-natural materials. 

9. It’s low maintenance
Cotton bedding can be cleaned with ease. Cotton bedding can look wonderful for years with proper care. It is important to carefully follow the care instructions on your cotton bed linen before washing. It is a good idea to dry your sheets on the line instead of using a dryer as it may damage the cotton fibres and reduce the longevity of your bedding.

10. It’s great for kids
Finally, for all of the reasons above, cotton bedding is especially great for kids. Cotton bedding truly is an ideal option if you want peace of mind that your little one is sleeping well at night.

Meditation specialist Jeanine
 says sleep has several advantages for your health and getting a lot of sleep is beneficial to you in a variety of ways. Both our mental and physical health is affected by a good night's sleep. Sleep restores and repairs your cells and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Losing sleep can make you grumpy and lethargic so using cotton sheets can help to ensure you always get a good nights sleep. Cotton sheets are a fantastic way to invest in your well-being, and Deia Living has a wide selection for you.

Written by colaborator Donna Vance

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