Bath Towel Buying Guide

towels on the line

Towels may be the hardest working essentials in our homes. We expect them to keep us clean, dry us off, and add a touch of style day in, day out all while remaining in spa like condition.  Despite this when shopping for towels most of us are not aware of what is on offer.  With our guidance we hope choosing the perfect set will be care free so going forward your towels will look softer, last longer and perform better.

Let's face it....irrespective of marketing spin, in reality the perfect towel is the one that feels or looks the best to you.  Part of this is obviously personal preference, the other is determined by several technical factors such as what the towel is made from as well as it´s weight. Weight, measured by GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the density of the fabric used.  As a rule of thumb, the lower the GSM, the lighter and thinner the towel where as the higher the GSM the heavier and thicker the towel.  

The majority of the towels in the market are made from cottons or cotton blends of varying quality.  The type of cotton used has a huge impact on the towel's durability, feel and color-fastness so here is a quick rundown of what´s out there:

Considered the crème de la crème of towel fabrics.  These towels have more moisture-sucking loops per inch and are prized for their extra-long and highly absorbent fibers.  Their density means the cotton is strong yet breathable and fluffy.  With proper care they can last for years.  All DEIA Living towels, towel sets, robes and bath mats are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton.

Certified organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and harvested to ensure little environmental impact.

Mostly grown in the warmer states of the USA, Supima is grown from the same plant as Egyptian Cotton.  It is also considered of very good quality, highly absorbent and durable.

Like Egyptian and Supima cotton, Turkish cotton is a premium cotton with an extra long staple creating towels with absorbency and durability. Grown only in the Aegean region in Turkey, it makes a very comfortable towel.  

Made from Bamboo grass. Bamboo towels have a velvety soft texture and a lustrous appearance that dyes well. Usually blended with cotton, they are naturally anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant.

All towels will look fresher and last longer if they're cared for properly.  We suggest washing your new towels before the first use in order to set color and improve absorbency. Likewise sporadically throughout the life of your towels we recommend adding a dash of white vinegar to the wash cycle to keep colours fresh and cotton fluffy.  

With reference to drying- as with most cotton articles, air drying is recommended despite the fact a tumble dry will give a fluffier result.  To get the best of both worlds we suggest alternating between air and tumble drying on a low heat to avoid causing damage to the fibers.

So, now you are more informed about towels and are ready for your next purchase we recommend when buying to remember what you want from your towels, a dash of colour for summer or something to last the distance.  The right towel can complement or completely change the look to your bathroom..... a painless and inexpensive facelift with no contractors involved!