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Cookies are small files that contain information about your navigation. When you visit a website cookies are sent by the website´s server to your computer, where they are stored so they can be read by the server every time you visit this website. This allows the website´s server to tailor the navigation to the user´s preferences or to carry information from one visit to the website to the next.  

Our website uses cookies to remember your navigation preferences and offer you a better experience in future visits. In particular, these cookies:

- Store your navigation language preference
- Store the contents of your shopping cart   
- Store your preferences with regards to our website´s use of cookies

No personal information is stored within these cookies.

We also use third-party cookies, particularly those required to conduct statistical analysis about the use of our website, offered by Google Analytics. Site traffic and site interaction analysis aims at improving your experience while navigating our website over time. This information is stored and used by Google so any further information about its use can be found at

You can elect to turn off all cookies in your navigator if you not want our website to transfer any cookies to your computer. You can also elect to get your computer to ask you for permission every time a cookie is being sent. Existing cookies can be deleted from your hard drive at any time. These options are configured within your navigator´s settings. Here is how you can manage cookies in the most common navigators:

Internet Explorer: Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced

Firefox: Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Use custom settings for history

Google Chrome: Go to Customize -> Settings -> Privacy -> Content setting

Safari: Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy