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Bath Towels

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      Cotton fibres possess a natural affinity for water as their molecular structure attracts and retains water making them extremely absorbent. The loop structure of a terry cloth also increases surface area creating more space where moisture can hide therefore increasing absorption as well.

      At DEIA Living our towels are made from Egyptian cotton which also enhances this ability to absorb further. Most importantly we don´t use any silicon treatments in the manufacturing process of our towels which give some inferior quality cotton towels a fluffier feel and appearance than they actually have. DEIA Living towels are ready to be used from day one- no pilling, fluff and lint coming off on you or your clothes for weeks on end before your towel actually becomes useful!

      There's a myriad of towel sizes one can choose from which can make your purchase decision a little confusing. One thing to keep it mind is your usage and preference- there´s no right or wrong when deciding on a towel!

      Many people only need a standard bath towel or sheet and bath mat bypassing all the extra sizes on offer. Other people want a face washer, hand towel, bath sheet or bath towel along with a bath mat or two to make sure their bathroom floor is always dry! We´ve seen all types and can accomodate everyone.

      When making a decision also keep in mind the practicality of "the wash". If you have a large family maybe the standard sized bath towel is most appropriate for the masses with a splurge for yourself and your partner for the more luxurious larger bath sheet. This means fewer loads of washing and a reduced drying time. On the other hand a smaller household may decide on a bath sheet for all to be able to interchange towels of the same size.

      This leads to the next questions "how many towels do I need"? As a general rule of thumb three of each towel is recommended. In other words, while one is in use, one will be in the wash with a spare in the linen closet. The

      There are a couple of exceptions to this rule however. Firstly, for hygiene reasons a face washer should be washed after every use therefore a few more certainly come in handy. Likewise it's always a good to have several bath mats on rotation as they are some of the hardest working linen in the household constantly getting soaked. Finally if everyone is using the same sized towel it makes sense to have more than just one in reserve.

      Keeping your towels looking fresh and new need not be an impossible task if you follow some simple, fool proof rules. Firstly, and most importantly use less detergent. Using too much detergent can make your towels stiff to touch so make sure you follow the recommended usage.

      Secondly, don't overload your washing machine! Although it´s tempting to squeeze a few more items into the wash, at the end of the day your clothes and towels won´t clean as effectively and you may need to re-wash therefore not saving any time or energy at all in the end.

      Thirdly, washing settings! For white towels to remain white we recommend higher temperatures. For coloured towels to remain bright, we recommend lower temperatures or a cold wash. A normal machine cycle is fine as along as it has a fast spin to ensure your towels are thoroughly cleaned and excess dirt and moisture is wicked away before putting them on the line or in the dryer.

      Lastly, if you line dry which we recommend we suggest you make sure excess water is removed from the towels. Not only does this shorted the drying time however also keeps your towels from getting stiff in the drying process.

      Generally speaking machine dried towels feel softer and fluffier in comparison to their line dried friends however machine drying is hard on the towels and hard on the environment. For this reason we recommend using the machine only when necessary. A quick tip to soften your line dried towels is to put them in the dryer for a quick a 5 minute ‘no heat’ tumble- this soften the terry pile making them comparable to a machine washed towel without the damage to the towel or planet!

      That spa quality towel everyone wants for home but can never find all depends on the weight/density of the terry cloth which is measured in grams per square meter (GSM).

      Different weights of towels offer varying levels of thickness, absorbency, and durability. Generally speaking the lower the GSM the thinner and less absorbent the bath towel will be. A mid to high GSM for a bath towel is somewhere between 450-650 GSM. These towels have a significantly denser terry cloth resulting in a more absorbent fuller and fluffier towel.

      Towels with 700+ GSM are extremely dense and stiff. Generally you´ll find this thickness of terry towelling being used for bath mats and rugs, a thickness which is the appropriate for this type of hard use.

      At DEIA Living we recommend a 600GSM for daily use which is what we use across our bath towel ranges. Our towels offer a super fluffy spa like finish with the ability to be very absorbent yet also fast drying from the very first use. Of benefit is that all our towels are made from Egyptian cotton which enhances the quality of the towel by increasing absorbency and durability.