The Other Ibiza!

For many Australians Ibiza has the reputation of super clubs, beach bars, a party island for the young and beautiful which people flock to as soon as the summer months hit. So on a recent trip to Ibiza we investigated the other side of this natural beauty, the "slow Ibiza" where we were able to enjoy the simple things for which the island orginally became so famous for.  Here is our little guide to a few gems worth visiting for those interested in exploring “the other" or shall we call it, "the original Ibiza”.

Es Llaüt
For many, party town San Antonio is scratched off the list before the holiday has even been booked so we were really interested to find a place which feels like old Ibiza in amongst the hustle and bustle.   Of course we are referring to the café, bar and deli Es Llaüt, with amazing views over the bay situated on the Paseo de la Mar it has it all.  
Es Llaut Ibiza
Taking its name from the traditional fishing boats from the area, clearly it was written in the stars that boat catering would be one of its specialities.  Their produce is second to none for any part of the island especially so in San Antonio where this style, and quality of food is hard to find.  After trying their rillettes and tortilla while watching the plates fly out of the kitchen we can say it is definitely worth stopping, even if just to pickup a few things for a beach picnic.
Es Llaut Ibiza
Es Llaut Ibiza

Tanis Ibiza
On such a small island it´s surprising how many design, furniture and landscape shops there are scattered around the interior of the isle.  So for those of us with an inner “interior designer” Ibiza is a delight.  Our top two picks are Tanis Ibiza which is at KM 3.2 on the Caraterra de San Miguel and SLUIZ.  Tanis keeps with the harmony of the neutral tones found on the island having beautful pieces of furniture, textiles and ordaments all made from natural products to match the calm the island offers.  Found just before Santa Gertrudis it is a souce of inspiration for interior designers and individuals alike.  We recommend a stop…and more importantly a shop!
Tanis Ibiza

Tanis Ibiza

Unlike Tanis, SLUIZ is all about bright colours, bold patterns and big blue cows!  Sluiz is to Tanis what rock is to classical!  Also very close to Santa Gertrudis this massive shop is like a gallery/bar/resturant/clothes shop/furniture name it, these guys are it!  It would appear that most homes in Ibiza have at least 1 or 2 items from the shop so it´s a must see to buy, eat, drink or simply peruse! 
Sluiz Ibiza Cows

Sluiz Ibiza

Falso Nueve
Being pizza lovers here at DEIA Living it was such a pleasant surprise to find Falso Nueve.  Hidden away in the hills behind Sant Josep this quiet reataurant has its own giant wood fired oven in the back where pizza chef Gianlucca (straight from Naples) works his magic.  The recipes are original and delicious and the pizzas are made with that napoli passion which is clear in every single bite!  A must for any pizza lovers and dare I say a rival to any pizza in Naples!
Falso Nueve Ibiza
Falso Nueve Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis
The small inland village just up the road from Tanis….quintessentially Ibicenco.  This quaint little village is a favorite of ours as we know it well after doing a photo shoot close by. Great shops, a variety of restaruants and an amazingly relaxed vibe during the day or in the evening!
Santa Gertrudis

Bar Costa
While in Santa Gertrudis we recommend you try Bar Costa for what has been recognised as one of the best spots for a bocadillo (big filled roll) on the island!  Usually coming with cheese and meat, or salad with a generous drizzle of olive oil these are not for the faint hearted!  Very big, very yummy and very satisfying….using great local produce.
Santa Gertrudis Bar Costa

Bocadillo Bar Costa Ibiza

Cala Benirrás
Known as a hippies delight, it is now a meeting point of people from all warps of life.  This is a beautiful beach at the very north of the island where you´ll find boats moared looking in towards the action on the shore.  On one corner of the bay people dance topless to live beating drums while on the other side you´ll find champagne sipping socialites enjoying the view from beach club Elements Ibiza.  
Cala Benirras afternoon sun Cala Benirras afternoon sun

On the enterance to the beach there´s a daily market run by a mix of folk of all ages and origins, it´s truly a place where anything goes.  We suggest taking a bit of petty cash just in case one of the bags, braclets or dresses tickles your fancy as there´s no shortage as to what´s on offer. A place where children, teens and families can soak in the ambiance, it´s a great spot to watch the day go by….whether you join the hippies or have a bite with the yuppies, you definitely won´t be bored!

Element Ibiza

So, there you have it!  Some of our picks on the White Island!  We hope you have a great summer and if in Ibiza get to enjoy some of these little treasures!

The DEIA Living team!

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